Workshop "Aromatherapy"

Energy Medicine Coach Workshop Aroma therapieStep into the world of scent and natural medicine.

Would you like to feel good an healthy and would you like to help you family and friends (animals and humans) with physical and emotional problems?
Would you prefer to relieve colds, the flu, pain, fatigue, emotions, stress and other health issues in an all natural way?
Would you like to detox your home and use an all natural cleaner that kills bacteria?
Would you like to make your own cosmetic products with the best possible ingredients?

Step into the world of Young Living essential oils, they are organic, pure, all natural and can replace your chemical medicine cabinet with natural remedies.
In this workshop you will learn about these oils and how to use them. You will make and take all natural cosmetic products for daily use.

What the workshop offers

We will smell and discuss a number of oils and their applications.

  • what is aromatherapy
  • What to look for when buying essential oils
  • Which oils to use for animals and humans
  • What are the first aid oils
  • Which oils to use for specific emotional, physical and preventive issues.
  • Make and take organic (paleo proof) cosmetic products :  face and body scrub, face oil, lipbalm and aromatherapy inhaler
  • All cosmetic products come in Miron Glass containers which protects them from oxidation from sunlight


the workshop "Aromatherapy" is 75,00 euro p.p. for 4 hours including handout plus products.

The workshop will be held in Calma in Koningsbosch,  from 13:00 to 17:00. We can also arrange a workshop at your home when you have enough participants. Just email me with suggestions or questions. 

you can register by sending an email to  

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