Animal SpiritHello dear earthlings, Emotions and their frequencies. Why are they so important? Your beliefs control your thoughts and emotions and thus your DNA, cells, body chemistry and hormones. Therefore it is extremely important to choose and control your emotions wisely, because they can be the biggest support for you in these current turbulent times. Keeping your emotions high in energy frequency means a literal physical boost to your immune system and that means bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi etc will not survive in your body. It is time to choose love, courage, peace, joy, kindness, compassion, acceptance etc.Here are some suggestions to keep your energy up? When you wake up in the morning think of all the things you are grateful for in your life and feel the feelings that come up when you think about them. Put on your favorite (dance) song and do a little singing and dancing with or without other people or animals around. Meditate because this is also a proven immune system boost. Do heart focused breathing 2 x 4 minutes a day and breathe in and out in a rhythm of 5 seconds. This is also a well-proven immune system boost. Go into nature and be grateful for all it provides for us all. Be kind and giving to others, because giving means receiving. Help and take care of everyone around you and your community, whenever and wherever you can. I am sending you love, light and life! We are one! Marjolein
Energy Medicine Therapies - Marjolein van Vlodrop

Energy Medicine Therapies

Passion and education meets in creating health & happiness for humans and animals.

Energy Medicine Therapies offers help by clearing the deepest underlying causes of physical health and behavior issues. This imbalance can express itself on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even financial. All these areas are linked and all information is found in your energetic body and therefore can be traced by certain forms of energetic therapies. These blocks can be found within yourself but also within your ancestors. Humans and animals both can be treated with these therapies. Because there is no boundary in the energyfield and we are all connected, I can work remote globally with everyone.
Removing these blocks can create more awareness, a better mindset and greater physical and emotional wellbeing for animals and humans.
It will increase your free will to make better choices so you can live the life you are supposed to, aligned with what your heart tells you.

Below you can find short introductions what Energy Medicine Therapies has to offer. More information is found on the individual pages.

If you have any questions after reading the information on the website, do not hesitate to contact me by email.

love and blessings, Marjolein van Vlodrop.

  • Ancestral Healing

    Ancestral Healing

    Ancestral Healing goes to the root of the problems, humanity is facing right now. It is about cleaning the slate, resolving the past so that we can have the future that is aligned with our heart.

    Unresolved grief, trauma , stress, war, the planet, animals etc in our own life and that of our ancestors, stays within the DNA make up until it is resolves.

  • Body Code System & Emotion Code System

    Body Code System & Emotion Code System

    The Body Code System is developed to find and release the underlying causes of disease and physical and emotional imbalance.

    The Emotion Code is a simple, easy and fast technique to find and release trapped emotions within the body. Both are suitable for humans and animals.

  • Anaflora Essences

    Anaflora Essences

    Anaflora has more than 200 single essences created for people but also especially for animals and even for specific animals as for cat, dog, horse, rabbit, birds etc. They are vibrational tinctures made from flowering plants.

    Thanks to its large range you can target a feeling, emotion, behavior or health problem very specifically and address the underlying cause.

  • Animal Communication

    Animal Communication

    Intuitive animal listening is a form of communication in which you use your intuitive abilities which means telepathic ability to make two-way contact with an animal. This includes words, images, sounds, feeling and knowing and it can be used on alive and deceased animals.

    Animals are very closely related to the humans it lives with and bonds with and often the communication is full of information for the human(s).



  • Healing Touch

    Healing Touch

    Healing Touch for Animals is an energy field based therapy, an energy medicine therapy, which supports the body in self-healing.

    Healing Touch for Animals and Humans is an energy field based therapy, an energy medicine therapy, which supports the body in self-healing.

    The techniques in Healing Touch are based on light touches to clear, balance and stabilize the energy system of the body and thus promote well being.

    Healing Touch is beneficial with physical and emotional problems.

  • Tesla Energy

    Tesla Energy

    Nikola Tesla states like many other "new scientists" that everything in this physical world consists of energy with an individual vibration frequency for humans, animals and matter.

    Purple Energy plates; a product inspired by Nikola Tesla to reduce negative vibrations. They are designed for you to come into balance and harmony with the energy of the cosmos, so that your energy, Prana, Chi, goes back to a healthy energetic frequency.




  • We have 3 cats and 3 small dogs who regularly (almost continuous) suffered from ear mites. I tried the usual chemical medications from the vet several times but sadly that doesn't help much. Marjolein suggested BeGone from Anaflora Essences, and after administering the prescibed droplets in the drinking water for a few weeks to the dogs and cats and Yes,!! No more mites, no more itching. For already more than a year the animals are free from earmites. Super happy!!
    M. in Spain
  • Thank you very much for the custom made Anaflora. It was a combination for myself for feeling a lack of confidence, insecurity and restlessness. After three days already I felt a huge shift. I became more happy, secure and energetic. I also feel much more at peace with and in myself and have gained more confidence. This all feels very good!! Thank you again for the Anaflora Essence and good luck with all your beautiful work.
    v. in the Netherlands
  • Today I took the workshop Dog Language by Marjolein. It was a super interesting and inspirational day if you want to understand what dogs are telling you. A whole new world opened for me and it brought me much more understanding in their whole way of being. Marjolein also teaches you how to use the calming signals the dog gives yourself so that your communication is much more peaceful and effective. It brings harmony to your relationship and that feels very good. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has dogs in their life, no matter how long you have had them.
    S. in the Netherlands
  • Both my dogs, Chico and Zeva, are adopted. Perhaps that is why they were having a hard time to deal with some situations. Zeva did not want to stay alone at home at all. It felt like she was afraid that I am going to give her away again. Chico, our little chihuahua, looked like he was always in pain. When Marjolein gave them both distance sessions which was a mix of all her therapies I never expected to see the kind of improvement it brought them. Zeva became such a calm and gentle dog, it is impossible to describe. In the mornings she walks me and my husband to the front door, gives us kisses and then calmly returns to her bed. I can feel she still is a bit sad, but there is no drama or panicking anymore. Our boy Chico became such a lovely and playful bundle of joy. He used to find very difficult to climb the front stairs. I was guessing he had pain in his joints or something like that. After Marjolein worked with him, he is literally flying everywhere and what is most important, he stoped being grumpy, unhappy and sad dog. Thanks to Marjolein, our babies are much happier and healthier. From now on if I will need help with my animals, without any doubts, I am going to contact Marjolein as she knows them best.
    L in Norway
  • Our German Shephard was a lively and happy dog until she was frightened by the sound of a truck some years ago. She was afraid to go out and could only ly shaking before and during a walk. After working with different "mainstream" behavioral therapists who could help just a fraction I started looking for a different kind of approach to behavior and trauma and found Energy Medicine Therapies online. Marjolein helped our dog Hera with distance sessions and a custom made Anaflora Essence and we saw Hera change for the better. From a nervous dog she became her happy self again who is eager to go for walks with me!. She plays, is happy, does not bark and bite anymore, is more calm and affectionate than she has ever been. What a change and a blessing for us all. Marjolein reports after each session and gives tips how to communicate and relate to Hera and that has released a lot of my own insecurities. We are grateful for her guidance and patience. Her warmth and commitment has helped us all immensely. We have a whole new relationship with our dog and after the fact I can only say I wish I had know about Marjolein and her work much sooner. We are forever grateful! Thank you Marjolein!
    M. in the Netherlands
  • Unbelievable accurate description of our bird! It is so relieving to know what is bothering him and the Anaflora Avian Wellness is beneficial to all our birds! They are more relaxed with each other, more accepting, less noisy and much more chearfull. We are all very happy!
    E. in the Netherlands
  • The workshop Intuitive communication with animals by Marjolein was an extraordinary and beautiful experience. I am really happy I took this course because a whole new world opened up for me. The way she organized the course and the atmosphere made it possible for me to grow and discover what is possible in communicating telepathically with animals. I am grateful for getting in touch with the emotional life of animals. The course is highly recommendable for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their own and other animals. It brings a more respectful and honest way of communication with our animal planet inhabitants. I think back to the course with warm and pleasant feelings. M. in the Netherlands
    M. in the Netherlands
  • In my experience Marjolein is not only very good with animals but also with humans. At first I contacted her for our two cats who each had their own issues. One was emotionally not happy and the other had renal/urinary tract issues. The distance treatment had the side result that we as humans were also involved in their health. When we do not feel good and have negative thoughts etc, our animals can take on these feelings, emotions and physical issues. Therefore I made the choice to have a treatment (and actually more than one) for myself, distance and hands-on. It is wonderful to gain peace in body and mind without having to discuss or talk about it. After each session she offered insights with which I could make progress and that feels very good. By now I not only have two happy & healthy cats but also experience greater health & happiness myself AND she was able to help our baby son in relieving neckpain and restlessness. I would definitely recommend a consult by Marjolein to anyone!
    M. in the Netherlands


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